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Fax Functions

The Fax is a communication function that uses a telephone line to send scanned originals (paper) or to receive data sent from remote machines. This machine has various features for fax operations, including those enabling the user to change scan settings according to the original and to save incoming faxes in a User Box.

The following describes the precautions for using the fax functions.

  • To use the Fax function, the optional product is required. For details on the required optional product, refer to the following.
    ineo+ 658/558/458: Here
    ineo+ 368/308/258: Here

  • This machine can connect to the following telephone lines.

  • Subscribed telephone lines (including facsimile communication networks)

    PBX (Private Branch Exchange, 2-wire)

  • Fax data cannot be sent or received in color.

  • You cannot connect a business phone as an external telephone.

  • If a digital dedicated line is multiplexed in an enterprise network, fax transmission speed may be limited, or the Super G3 fax may not be available.

  • Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting. This is because the multiplex device limits the frequency band of the line to the utmost limit based on the assumption that the line is intended for voice communication. Also, these restrictions differ depending on the device that make up the network. For details, contact your network administrator.