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Checking the Finish before Sending

  1. Load the original.

  2. Tap [Scan/Fax].

  3. Specify the destination.

  4. Configure Scan option settings as necessary.

  5. Press the Preview key (default: Register key 4).

  6. Select the original direction.

  7. Tap [Start] or press the Start key.

    The original is scanned, and the Preview screen appears.

  8. Check the preview display, and rotate the page or change settings as required.

    • To continue to scan originals, load the original, and tap [Start Scan].

    • To start a transmission, tap [SendNow] or press the Start key.

    • If you tap the tab key on the right of the screen, you can display or hide the setting key. The setting key allows you to rotate or delete a page.

  9. After all originals have been scanned, tap [SendNow] or press the Start key.

    Transmission begins.

  • Normally, preview images are displayed after all the original data has been scanned. When necessary, you can use the real-time preview, which displays preview images on a page basis while scanning the originals (default: [OFF]). For details, refer to Here.

  • You can select whether to display the screen to select the original loading direction (default: [ON]) after pressing the Preview key. For details, refer to Here.

  • You can select conditions to display a preview image (default: [Preview Settings Screen]). For details, refer to Here.