Software on CD

The Printer Driver and Documentations CD, Software CD and Applications CD are used to install printer software programs and utilities for use on most Windows operating systems.

Note: Some utility components are available only in select printer models.



Printer Driver and Documentations CD

Printer driver

Software that lets the computer communicate with the printer

The printer driver available on the CD is PCL6 (PCL XL), PS and XPS.

Download Manager

This is a tool for downloading and managing PostScript file to a disk or memory of the supported printer.

Software CD

Local Printer Settings Utility

The Local Printer Settings Utility lets you change and save settings for a printer that is connected to a computer locally through a USB cable. For ineo 3300P only.

Status Monitor Center

A program that shows the status of any USB- or network-connected printer

Wireless Setup Utility

A utility that lets you configure a printer on a wireless network

Note: To use the Wireless Setup Utility, make sure the printer is equipped with a wireless network adapter.

Applications CD

Device Manager

A utility that lets you manage a printer on a network

Device Manager Plug-in

A utility plug-in that lets you manage the printer on a network

Direct Print

A utility that lets you print a PDF file by drag and drop