Installing the Printer Driver

  1. Insert the Printer Driver and Documentations CD in the CD drive of your Macintosh.

  2. Double-click the CD icon on the desktop, the Drivers folder, and the Mac folder.

    - Mac OS X v10.3/v10.4: double-click LP4700-1Series_103104.pkg
    - Mac OS X v10.5: in the english (other) folder, double-click LP4700-1Series_105.pkg
    - Mac OS X v10.6/v10.7/v10.8: in the english (other) folder, double-click LP4700-1Series_106.pkg

  3. The installer for the printer driver starts up.

For OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8, the driver folder varies depending on the paper size.
Select the appropriate driver folder for your environment.
  • To use inch-based paper size (8 1/2 x 11 in letter size): Select a file in the english folder.
  • To use metric-based paper size (A4 and the like): Select a file in the other folder.
  • Note: 
    Double-click the package file appropriate for the application and version of operating system being used.
  • LP4700-1Series_103104.pkg (for Mac OS X v10.3/v10.4)
  • LP4700-1Series_105.pkg (for Mac OS X v10.5)
  • LP4700-1Series_106.pkg (for Mac OS X v10.6/v10.7/v10.8)