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Manual Structure

Instruction Booklets

Instruction booklets introduce key points that the operator should be aware of prior to operating the machine and troubleshooting when a problem occurs with the machine.

Name of Manual


Quick Guide

This guide provides the basic operation of the machine, how to install the printer driver and application, and how to replace consumables.

Safety Information

This guide provides precautions and requests that should be followed to ensure safe usage of this machine.

Read this guide before using the machine.

User's Guide (This Manual)

The intended readers of this manual are from first-time users of this machine to machine administrators.

This manual describes the basic operations, functions that enable more convenient operations, maintenance procedures, simple trouble shooting operations, and various setting methods of this machine.

Note that basic technical knowledge about the machine is required to enable users to perform maintenance work or troubleshooting operations. Limit your maintenance and troubleshooting operations to the areas explained in this manual.

Should you experience any problems, contact your service representative.