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Registering a fax address program

A program can be registered or edited using Web Connection. Although character input is a difficult process using the Touch Panel, it can be carried out easily if you use the computer.

A combination of address information and the scan/fax transmission option settings can be registered in a program.

The following describes the fax address program.

Select [Store Address] - [Program] - [Registration] in user mode or administrator mode of Web Connection. In [Search from Function], select [Fax], and configure the following settings.




Enter the name of the program (using up to 24 characters).

[Destination Information]

Click [Search from List], and select a destination fax address from the list. Click [Check Destination] to check registered address books.

If you wish to manually enter a destination fax address, select [Direct Input] and enter the address.

  • [Destination]: Enter the destination's fax number.

  • [Line Setting]: If multiple lines are used, select the line used to send a fax. If [Normal] is selected, either line, whichever is not busy, is used for transmission.

  • [Communication Setting]: As necessary, specify how to send a fax to a destination you wish to register.

Only one destination can be specified.

[Basic Setting]/[Application Setting]

Configure the option settings for fax transmission.

For details, refer to Here.

[Limiting Access to Destinations]

Limit access to this destination, if necessary.

For details, refer to Here.