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Registering an SMB program

A program can be registered or edited using Web Connection. Although character input is a difficult process using the Touch Panel, it can be carried out easily if you use the computer.

A combination of address information and the scan/fax transmission option settings can be registered in a program.

The following describes the SMB program.

Select [Store Address] - [Program] - [Registration] in user mode or administrator mode of Web Connection. In [Search from Function], select [SMB], and configure the following settings.




Enter the name of the program (using up to 24 characters).

[Destination Information]

Click [Search from List], and select a destination SMB from the list. Click [Check Destination] to check registered address books.

If you wish to manually enter a destination SMB, select [Direct Input] and enter the SMB.

  • [Host Address]: Enter the destination computer name (host name) or full computer name (FQDN) (using up to 253 bytes). If you cannot specify the computer name or full computer name, enter the IP address.

  • [File Path]: Enter the shared folder name of the host specified in [Host Address] (using up to 255 bytes).

  • [User ID]: Enter the name of a user with folder access rights (using up to 64 characters).

  • [Password]: Enter the password (using up to 64 characters, excluding ") to access the folder.

Only one destination can be specified.

[Basic Setting]/[Application Setting]

Configure the Scan option settings.

For details, refer to Here.

[Limiting Access to Destinations]

Limit access to this destination, if necessary.

For details, refer to Here.