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bizhub C364e/C284e/C224e

  • Your service representative will recover your used Waste Toner Box. Place a cap on it and store it in a box.

  • After replacing a Waste Toner Box, be sure to clean the Electrostatic Charger for each color. For details on how to clean the Electrostatic Charger, refer to Here.

Handling toner and Waste Toner Box

  • Do not throw a toner or Waste Toner Box into a fire. Doing so may cause hot toner to spray in all directions, which may cause burn injuries.

  • Be careful not to get the inside of the machine, your clothes, or hands dirty with toner.

  • If any toner does get on your hand, wash it off using water or neutral detergent.

  • If any toner gets into your eyes, immediately wash it out with water and consult your doctor.