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Cannot Transmit Faxes

Description of problemCheck pointsRemedy
Cannot send faxes.
Was the transmission procedure carried out correctly?
Check the transmission procedure and then resend the fax.
Is the fax number you entered for the destination correct?
Were the address book destination and program destination registered correctly?
If you are using a destination in the Address Book or Program, the fax number registered may be incorrect.
Print the Speed Dial list to check whether the numbers are registered correctly. For the procedure for printing the list of destinations, refer to Here.
Is the telephone line setting correct?
Does the setting in [Dialing Method] match the telephone line being used?
Check the setting and correct it if an error is found.
For the dialing method setting, refer to Here.
Also, is the correct telephone line specified in [Select Line]?
Check that the line registered in the address book and the line set at the time of fax transmission are correct.
Is the modular cable connected correctly?
Is the modular cable connected?
Check the modular cable connection and, if unplugged, plug it in securely.
Also, is the line specified in [Select Line] correctly connected?
Check the connection of the line you have specified.
Is there a problem with the receiving machine?
Is the power of the receiving facsimile turned off, is it out of paper or is there another problem?
Call the recipient to determine whether there is a problem.
If it is a password TX job, have you sent the correct password?
Check the recipient's password then resend the fax using a correct password.
Was the sender's fax number correctly registered with "Check Dest. & Send"?
Check that the fax number registered with the recipient is correct.
Or set [Check Dest. & Send] to [No], and then send a fax.
For details on the setting of [Check Dest. & Send], refer to Here.