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Adjusting the Touch Panel

Adjusting a position to tap the Touch Panel

If a Touch Panel key does not respond normally when tapped, the tap position may not be detected properly.

  1. Tap [Accessibility] - [Touch Panel Adjustment].

  2. Press the Start key.

  3. Tap [+] on the screen.

    • If two [+] buttons are displayed, tap the second [+] while holding down the first [+].

    • To stop the adjustment, press the Stop key.

    Tap [+] 10 times, then start adjusting a position gap.

    Re-operate the screen that did not respond properly before adjustment, and check that the keying position is adjusted correctly.

  • After this procedure, if a keying error recurs, contact your service representative.

Adjusting the brightness of the Touch Panel

Adjust the brightness level of the Touch Panel.

  1. Tap [Accessibility] - [Brightness Adjustment], and also select [Low] or [High] to adjust the brightness.