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Registering the information to be added to header/footer

When printing an original, you can recall the registered header/footer and print it at the top or bottom of a page. Up to 20 headers/footers can be registered.

Select [System Settings] - [Stamp Settings] - [Header/Footer Registration] - [Check/Edit] in administrator mode of Web Connection (or in [Utility] - [Administrator] of this machine), and configure the following settings.




Enter the name of the header or footer to be registered (using up to 16 characters).


Select the color of the text to be printed.


Select the range of pages on which the text is printed in the header/footer.


Select the size of the text to be printed.

[Text Type]

Select the font of printing texts.

[Date/Time Setting]

Select the display format of date and time if the [Date/Time Setting] of [Header] or [Footer] is set to [Print].

[Distribution Number]

Specify the content of distribution number to be displayed if the [Distribution Number] of [Header] or [Footer] is set to [Print].

  • [Primary Field]: Enter a text to be added to the distribution number for printing (using up to 20 characters).

  • [Output Method]: Select the number of digits.

  • [Start Number Specification]: Specify the number to start distribution numbers.


Specify the items to be printed on header/footer.

  • [Header String]/[Footer String]: Enter a text to be printed (using up to 40 characters).

  • Select whether to print [Date/Time Setting], [Distribution Number], [Job Number], [Serial Number] (Engineering number of the machine), and [User Name/Account Name].

  • To edit or delete a registered header/footer, specify the target one in the header/footer list, and select [Check/Edit] or [Delete].