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Copy Protect

To display:
  • [Classic Style]
    • [Copy]
      • [Application]
        • [Copy Security]
          • [Copy Protect]

A text such as "Copy" or "Private" is printed as a concealed text.




Select [ON] to set Copy Protect.

[Copy Protect Type]

Select a stamp used. The date and time can also be printed.

  • [Preset Stamp]: Select a preset stamp to be printed.

  • [Registered Stamp]: Select a registered stamp to be printed.

  • [Date/Time]: Select a format (type) of date and time to be printed. The date/time when the original was scanned is stamped on the paper.

  • [Other]: Specify the job number, the machine's serial number, and distribution control number to be printed.

[Stamp Selection]

The registration status of the stamp is displayed.

[Detail Setting]

Select the density, size, and pattern overwriting of print characters if necessary.

[Copy Protect]

Select how to print the copy protect pattern. Also, you can set the pattern contrast if necessary.

[Background Pattern]

Select a background pattern.

[Change/Delete Position]

Allows to check, change or delete the stamp position settings if necessary. You can change the stamp sequence and insert a space between stamps. When you select up to four stamps, you can change their angle (45 degrees).