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Add the date, time, and any desired text in the top and bottom margins (header/footer) of the specified page. You must register the information to be added for the header and footer in advance on this machine.




Select [ON] to print the header/footer.

[Recall Header/Footer]

Select the header/footer to be printed. Select the header/footer from among those registered in advance.

[Check/Change Temporarily]

If necessary, check or temporarily change the details of the program that is selected in [Recall Header/Footer].

  • [Header Setting]: Change the content of the header.

  • [Footer Setting]: Change the content of the footer.

  • [Pages]: Change the range of pages to print.

  • [Text Details]: Change the print size and font.

  • [Header/Footer Registration] (Here)

  • [Blank Page Print Settings] (Here)