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Sorts original data pages like a booklet and copies on both sides in spread. You can also specify the binding position, or insert front and back covers.




Select [ON] to specify Booklet.

[Left Bind]/[Right Bind]

Select the binding position of the copied sheets.


Select paper for copying. Select paper which corresponds to the size of a two-page spread of the booklet.

[Original Size]

Select the size of the original to be scanned.

[Cover Sheet]

Specify this option to insert a different sheet of paper from text pages as the front cover of a booklet.

  • [Front (Copy)]: Copies the front page on the front sheet.

  • [Front (Blank)]: Inserts a blank front sheet.

  • [Paper]: Select the paper used for cover sheet.

  • [Basic Setting] - [Booklet shortcut mode setting] (Here)