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IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting

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        • [IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting]
          • [IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting]

Configure settings to use IEEE802.1X authentication on this machine. This setting is displayed when [Network I/F Configuration] is not set to [Wireless Only].



[IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting]

When using IEEE802.1X authentication, set this option to ON (default: OFF).

[Authentication Status]

Displays the status of IEEE802.1X authentication on this machine.

[Certificate Verification Level Settings]

To validate the certificate during SSL communication, select items to be verified.

  • [Expiration Date]: Confirm whether the certificate is within the validity period (default: ON).

  • [CN]: Confirm whether CN (Common Name) of the certificate matches the server address (default: OFF).

  • [Chain]: Confirm whether there is a problem in the certificate chain (certificate path) (default: OFF). The chain is validated by referencing the external certificates managed on this machine.

[Reset Job Settings]

Reset the current setting.