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  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator]
      • [Network]
        • [TCP/IP Setting]
          • [IPsec]
            • [IPsec Setting]
              • [Peer]

Register the peer of this machine to use IPsec. Up to 10 peers can be registered.




When registering a peer, set this option to ON (default: OFF).


Enter the peer name (using 1 to 10 characters, excluding ").

[Set IP Address]

Select the method to specify the peer address. Specify the IP address of the peer depending on the selected method.

[Pre-Shared Key Text]

Enter the Pre-Shared Key text to be shared with a peer using up to 128 ASCII characters or up to 256 hexadecimal characters.

Specify the same text as that for the peer.

[Key-ID String]

Enter the Key-ID to be specified for the Pre-Shared Key (using up to 128 bytes).