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Automatically Sorting Incoming Faxes (TSI Routing)

TSI Routing

TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) Routing is a function that distributes received faxes to the shared folder or E-mail addresses based on the sender's fax number (TSI). There is no need to sort printed faxes for each recipient and no risk of missing a fax. To use the TSI Routing function, it is necessary to preset routing destinations. Routing destinations can be registered for up to 256 fax numbers (TSIs).

  • A file is sent to routing destinations in the default file type specified by the transmission method.

  • By default, a received fax is printed without being forwarded if it was not successfully distributed.

  • This function cannot be used together with the following functions.
    Memory RX, Forward TX, PC-Fax RX

Preparation required to use this function (for the administrator)

Enabling the TSI Routing function. Also, register fax numbers (TSIs) of senders targeted for forwarding, forwarding destinations, and file type. You can specify the following forwarding destinations.

  • Fax

  • E-Mail Address

  • SMB

  • FTP

  • WebDAV

  • Internet Fax

  • IP Address Fax

  • Group

For details on the setting procedure, refer to Here.