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Resending a Fax

Auto resending (Auto redial)

If a fax transmission fails due to a line or recipient machine problem, the machine automatically resends (redials) the fax after certain time has elapsed.

  • [Line Parameter Setting] - [Number of Redials] (Here)

  • [Line Parameter Setting] - [Redial Interval] (Here)

  • Resending a Fax that Failed in Redialing (Here)

Manual resending

A failed fax transmission is handled as a reserved job pending for resending (redial).

Pending jobs for resending are resent automatically after a certain period of time has elapsed using the auto redial function. However, you can manually resend the fax.

  1. Tap [Job List] on the home screen.

  2. Select a job you wish to resend, and also tap [Redial].

  3. Tap [Start].

    Transmission begins.