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Custom Size

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        • [Custom Size]

When loading custom size paper into the paper tray, enter the length (X) and width (Y) of the paper.

You can either enter the size manually, or select from the registered sizes in the memory.

This option is available when Tray1, Tray2, or Bypass Tray is selected as a paper tray.



[Custom Size Settings]

For the inch area, tap [+]/[-] or the keypad to enter the length (X) and width (Y) of the paper.
For the centimeter area, tap [+]/[-] or Keypad to enter the length (X) and width (Y) of the paper. To display the Keypad, tap the input area for the numeral.

After you have entered the size, select a key ([memory1] to [memory5]) in [Registered Paper Sizes], and tap [New]. Then the size you have entered is registered in the memory. You can recall the registered size in the future.

[Registered Paper Sizes]

The custom sizes registered in the memory are displayed.

  • When you call a registered size from the memory, tap the key of the desired registration name, then tap [Recall].

  • To change a registration name, select a desired key, then tap [Edit Name].

  • You can measure the size of custom paper using the machine and register the size in the memory. For details, refer to Here.