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Job Log Usage Set.

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [Security Settings]
        • [Job Log Settings]
          • [Job Log Usage Set.]

Select whether to obtain a job log. After you have changed these settings, the job log is obtained when you restart this machine.

You can check usage, paper usage, operations and job history for each user or account in the job log. For details on how to viewing the output job logs, contact your service representative.




Select whether to obtain a job log when turning this machine off or on.

[No] is specified by default.

[Obtain Log Type]

Select whether to obtain job logs for each type.

  • [Accounting Log]: Enables you to obtain information relevant to paper consumption for each user or account. [On] is specified by default.

  • [Counting Log]: Enables you to obtain information about paper consumption and the reduction rate of paper used for printing. [On] is specified by default.

  • [Audit Log]: Enables you to obtain user operation or job history. You can track unauthorized actions or the leakage of information. [On] is specified by default.

[Transmission Method]

Select the method to send job logs to the server.

  • [Manual (External Transmission Method)]: Sends job logs when a manual operation or external instruction is triggered.

  • [Auto]: Automatically sends job logs based on the specified conditions. To configure the automatic send setting, select [Job Log Settings] - [Automatic Log Distr Set.].

[Manual (External Transmission Method)] is specified by default.


Select whether to allow the oldest job log to be overwritten by a new job log when the free space of the storage on the machine runs out.

[Allow] is specified by default.

[Erase Job Log]

Select this to delete job logs saved on this machine.