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Multi Line Settings

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [Fax Settings]
        • [Multi Line Settings]

When multiple lines are used, specify the method to use each line.



[PC-Fax TX Line Setting]

Select the line used for PC-Fax TX. If [No Selection] is selected, either line, whichever is not busy, is used for transmission.

[No Selection] is specified by default.

[Fax Line]

Configure the setting required to use multiple lines.

[Line Parameter Setting]

Configure your environment for using fax functions in multiple lines.

  • [Dialing Method]: Select the line type according to your environment.

  • [Number of RX Call Rings]: If necessary, change the number of times the phone rings before automatically receiving a fax.
    [2 x] is specified by default.

  • [Line Monitor Sound]: Select whether to play sounds on the telephone line from speakers during fax communication.
    [OFF] is specified by default.

  • [Manual RX V34 Settings]: Select whether to cancel the V.34 function when manually receiving a fax.
    [OFF] is specified by default.

[Function Settings]

Enable or disable functions that are used for multiple lines.

  • [Number Display Function]: Select whether to use the Number Display function.
    [OFF] is specified by default.

[Multi Line Settings]

Select one of [TX Only], [RX Only], and [TX and RX] as the multi line usage.

[TX and RX] is specified by default.

[Sender Fax No.]

Enter the fax number for the multiple lines (a number containing up to 20 digits, with available symbols being #, *, + and space).

The fax number you entered is printed as the sender information.