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IPsec SA Settings

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [Network Settings]
        • [TCP/IP Settings]
          • [IPsec Settings]
            • [IPsec Settings]
              • [IPsec SA Settings]

Configure SA (Security Association) required for encrypted communication. Up to 10 groups can be registered for the SA.

Select a group, then tap [Edit].




To register SA, select [ON].

[OFF] is specified by default.

[Group Name]

Enter the SA name (using up to 10 characters).

[Encapsulation Mode]

Select an IPsec operation mode.

[Transport Mode] is specified by default.

[Tunnel End Point]

If [Tunnel Mode] is selected in [Encapsulation Mode], enter the IP address of the IPsec gateway that is used as a peer.

[Security Protocol]

Select a security protocol.

[Key Exchange Method]

Select the key replacement method to securely create a common key used to encrypt communications.

When using a device that does not support the automatic key replacement by IKE, select [Manual Key] to manually configure detailed parameters.

[IKEv1] is specified by default.

[Lifetime After Establishing SA]

Enter the lifetime of a common key used to encrypt communications.

[3600] is specified by default.

  • To check the registered SA settings, select a group name, then tap [Mode Check].