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ID & Print Settings

To display:
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    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [User Authentication/Account Track]
        • [User Authentication Settings]
          • [Administrative Settings]
            • [ID & Print Settings]

Specify the operations of the ID & Print function.



[ID & Print]

Select whether to handle jobs normally printed from the printer driver as ID & Print jobs.

  • [ON]: Jobs that are normally printed are handled as ID & Print jobs.

  • [OFF]: Only jobs for which ID & Print is set are handled as print jobs.

[OFF] is specified by default.

[Public User]

Select the process performed when a public user job or a job without user authentication information is received.

  • [Print Immediately]: Prints the job without saving it in the ID & Print User Box.

  • [Save]: Saves the job in the ID & Print User Box.

[Print Immediately] is specified by default.