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Erase Adjustment

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [System Settings]
        • [Expert Adjustment]
          • [Erase Adjustment]

Specify the operation and erase method when erasing the area outside the original by setting [Non-Image Area Erase].



[Non-Image Area Erase Operation Settings]

Specify how to erase the area outside the original when making copies with [Non-Image Area Erase] set to [ON].

[Erase Operation]

Select either the option for erasing the non-image area by the optimal method automatically selected for the background density of the original or the option for erasing by the pre-specified method.

[Specify] is specified by default.

[Erase Method]

Select an erase method after selecting [Specify] for [Erase Operation].

  • [Bevel]: Copies only the original by erasing the outside area around it.

  • [Rectangular]: Copies the original along with the outside around it.

[Rectangular] is specified by default.

[Original Density]

Adjust the density of the original.