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Search Option Settings

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [User Settings]
      • [Custom Display Settings]
        • [Search Option Settings]

Configure the contents of the search screen when performing an detail search for registered destinations. Also, specify whether to search for functions of this machine.



[Uppercase and Lowercase Letters]

Select whether to distinguish between upper and lower case alphabet characters when searching for a registered destination.

[Differentiate] is specified by default.

[Search Option Screen]

If you want to change the setting of [Uppercase and Lowercase Letters] when searching for a destination, select [ON].

If you select [ON], the check box for switching the setting is displayed in the [Name Search] and [Address Search] screen respectively.

[OFF] is specified by default.

[Search Item Settings]

Display the keys to search for the [Application], [Copy Function], [Scan/Fax Function], and [Fax Function] on the screen, and select whether to search for the functions on this machine.

Selecting [Search On] allows the user to specify the search range. Select whether to include [Application], [Copy Function], [Scan/Fax Function], and [Fax Function] in the search range.

[Search On] is specified by default.