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To display:
  • [Scan/Fax]
    • [Application]
      • [Stamp/Composition]
        • [Date/Time]

Select the stamping position and representation, and add the date and time the original is scanned. The date and time can be printed either on all pages or only on the first page.




Select [ON] to print the date/time.

[Date Format]

Select the date/time format.

[Time Format]

Select the time format. If you do not want to print time, select [OFF].


Select the range of pages to print.

[Text Details]

If necessary, select the print size, font, and text color.

[Print Position]

If necessary, select the print position of the text. You can more finely adjust the print position in [Adjust Position].

  • This function is available when the Web browser function is disabled. When the optional Extension Memory is installed, this function is available regardless of whether the Web browser function is enabled or disabled. Some models provide Extension Memory as standard. For details, refer to Here.