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Configuring LK-114_ManagerPort Settings

Configure LK-114_ManagerPort settings. When printing, you can send print jobs to the storage machine by selecting the printer with LK-114_ManagerPort specified.

  • Check that LK-114_ManagerPort is installed.

  1. Display the LK-114_ManagerPort setting window.

    • For LK-114_InstallTool, click [Activate "LK-114_ManagerPort Settings"] on the LK-114_InstallTool installation target selection window.

    • In Windows 8.1/10, select [All apps], and then click [KONICA MINOLTA] - [LK-114_ManagerPort] - [LK-114_ManagerPort Settings].

    • In Windows 7, select [All Programs], and then click [KONICA MINOLTA] - [LK-114_ManagerPort] - [LK-114_ManagerPort Settings].

  2. In [LK-114 Destination Domain], specify the topology machine to acquire the serverless pull printing group list.

    • Enter the IP address of the topology machine.

    • If destination information is stored, you can select the desired topology machine from the drop-down list.

  3. Click [Acquire Group Information].

  4. In [Destination Group], select the serverless pull printing group to send print jobs to.

    • To acquire group information again and update the details of the drop-down list, click [Update Group Information].

  5. Save the configured destination information as needed.

    • Click [Save Destination Information], then specify the destination name for management.

    • Clicking [Manage Saved Destination Information] displays the destination information management page. You can change the destination name or delete destination information.

  6. When a change is made in the SNMP settings or OpenAPI settings of the storage machine, click [Communication Settings], then configure settings to establish communications with the storage machine.

  7. Click [Change Printer Port Which Printer Uses].

  8. Change the port of the target printer to [LK-114_ManagerPort], then click [OK].

    • If the printer driver is installed using LK-114_InstallTool, check that [LK-114_ManagerPort] is selected.

  9. Click [OK].

  • If you log in to Windows with the Guest account, LK-114_ManagerPort is not available.

  • A change of the port for the printer requires the computer's administrator privileges.

  • You can import destination information from a file. Click [Update to Destination Information Distributed by Your Administrator], then select the destination information file.

  • You can switch the destination serverless pull printing group depending on the location you want to perform serverless pull printing at by saving destination information using LK-114_ManagerPort.