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Sending to your address (Scan to Me)

The Scan to Me function is a function that transmits original data scanned on this machine to your address easily.

To use the Scan to Me function, the following preparation is required.

  • Configuring the environment to use the Scan to E-mail function

  • Installing the MFP authentication or external server authentication

  • Registering an E-mail address as user's registration information

In the administrator mode, select [User Auth/Account Track] - [User Authentication Setting] - [User Registration], and enter your E-mail address into [E-mail Address] (using up to 320 characters, excluding spaces).

  • If Active Directory is used as an authentication server, register the user's E-mail address in Active Directory.

  • For details on the E-mail transmission environment, refer to Here.

  • For details on how to use the Scan to Me function, refer to Here.