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Creating an Annotation User Box

Annotation User Box is a box used to automatically add the date, time and filing number to a file saved in this box when it is printed or sent.

When a file is read from the Annotation User Box and used for printout or transmission to a recipient, the date, time and annotation (previously determined for management) are added to the header or footer of each image automatically. You can prevent the unauthorized use of documents by creating a document that can identify the creation date and time and the serial page number of each document.

In the administrator mode, select [Box] - [System User Box List] - [New Registration] - [Annotation User Box], then configure the following settings.



[User Box Number]

Registration number of the box. Select [Use opening number] to automatically assign the smallest available number. When specifying a number, select [Input directly], and enter a value between 1 and 999999999.

[User Box Name]

Enter the User Box name (using up to 20 characters).

Assign a name that helps you easily identify the User Box.

[Assign User Box Password]

When restricting usage of User Box using a password, select this check box and then enter a password (using up to 64 characters, excluding ").

[Auto Delete Document]

Specify the period from the date/time when a file was saved in, last printed, or sent from a User Box to the date/time when it is to be deleted automatically.

  • [Do Not Delete]: Keeps the file in the User Box.

  • [Do Not Keep]: Select this option to use a document to give an annotation only without saving or using it for copying.

  • [Specify days]: Select the number of days until the file is automatically deleted.

  • [Specify Time]: Enter the time period before the file is automatically deleted.

[Count Up]

Select the unit for adding a number to a file, By Job or By Page.

  • [By Job]: Adds a number per file. Even if a file has multiple pages, a same number is added to the file as one job.

  • [By Page]: Adds a number per page.

[Stamp Elements]

As necessary, specify the fixed text, date and time, and print position to be added to a file.

  • [Primary Field]: Add any text (using up to 40 characters).

  • [Secondary Field]: Add any text at the beginning of the annotation (using up to 20 characters).

  • [Date/Time Setting]: Select the format for the date and time.

  • [Print Position]: Select a position in which the annotation is printed.

  • [Density]: Select the density of characters of the date and time and annotation to be printed.

  • [Number Type]: Select the digit number of annotation.

  • This function is available when the Web browser function is disabled. When the optional Extension Memory is installed, this function is available regardless of whether the Web browser function is enabled or disabled. Some models provide Extension Memory as standard. For details, refer to Here.