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Registering Directly Entered Destinations in Address Book

  1. Tap [Scan/Fax].

  2. Tap [Direct Input], select the destination type, and then enter a destination.

  3. After entering the destination, tap [Address Reg.].

  4. Tap a destination you want to register with the address book.

    • Tapping [New] allows you to register a new address, which is not yet entered. For details on how to register, refer to Here.

  5. Enter the registration name for the destination.

    • Add additional search text or enter a sort character as necessary.



    [Address Type]

    The destination type selected in the Direct Input is displayed.


    Destination registration number. [No.] is automatically registered using an unused smaller number. If you want to specify a number, tap [No.], then enter the number.


    Enter the destination name to be displayed on the Touch Panel (using up to 24 characters).

    [Sort Character]

    Enter the same name as the registered (using up to 24 characters).

    You can sort destinations by registration name.


    Select a corresponding character so that the destination can be index-searched by registration name.

    • For a frequently used destination, also select [Favorite]. If [Favorite] is selected, the destination will appear in the main screen of fax/scan mode, enabling the user to easily select a destination.

    Destination Information

    The destination that is specified by direct input is displayed.

  6. Tap [New], then [Close].

    When a fax transmission to the destination which is specified by direct input is complete, tap [Address Book] and check that the destination is registered.