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Forcibly Saving a Received Fax in a User Box (Memory RX)

Memory RX

Memory RX is a function to save a received fax to Memory RX User Box of this machine.

You can check the contents of incoming faxes and print only the required ones, thereby reducing printing costs. This prevents fax data from being stolen or lost after being printed. Because the security is enhanced, you can handle important fax data securely.

If necessary, you can manually forward a required fax. This is convenient for forwarding a fax to a different destination every time depending on the contents of a received fax.

  • The memory RX function cannot be used together with the following functions.
    TSI Routing, PC-Fax RX, Forward TX

Operations required to use this function (for the administrator)

Enable the Memory RX function. In addition, specify the password for restricting access to Memory RX User Box.

For details, refer to Here.

Printing a received fax

To print a fax saved in Memory RX User Box, refer to the Memory RX User Box function.

For details on the printing procedure, refer to Here.

Forwarding a received fax

To forward a fax saved in the Memory RX User Box, browse data in the Memory RX User Box.

For details on how to send, refer to Here.