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Sending (Basic Operation Flow)

  1. Tap [User Box].

  2. Select the desired User Box, then tap [Open].

    • This example uses the Public User Box for explanatory purposes. To use a Personal User Box or a Group User Box, tap [Personal] or [Group] and select the desired box.

    • If the box is password protected, tap [Open] and enter the password.

    • You can also open the desired User Box by tapping it twice.

  3. Select a file to send, then tap [Send].

    • You can also long-tap the target file to display the menu icon, then drag and drop it to to get the same result.

  4. Specify the destination.

    • For the destination setup, refer to Here.

  5. Set the file send options if necessary.

    • For details, refer to Here.

  6. Press the Start key.

    Transmission begins.

  • You can specify to hold or clear a file from the box after file printing or sending (Default: [Yes]). Also, you can prompt the user to hold or not hold a file in the box after it has been printed or sent in the delete confirmation screen. For details, refer to Here.