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Computer Side: Steps Required to Use This Function

Operating environment of computer



Supported operating systems

Windows 7 Home Basic (SP1 or later) *

Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1 or later) *

Windows 7 Professional (SP1 or later) *

Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1 or later) *

Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1 or later) *

Windows 8.1 *

Windows 8.1 Pro *

Windows 8.1 Enterprise *

Windows 10 Home *

Windows 10 Pro *

Windows 10 Enterprise *

Windows 10 Education *

* Supports the 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) environment.


Conforms to the OS specifications


Conforms to the OS specifications


Computer with correct TCP/IP protocol settings

Hard disk

Requires free memory space of 20 MB or more.

  • This function requires a TWAIN-compatible image processing application.

  • For the latest information such as the service pack, refer to Readme.

Installing the TWAIN driver

Install the TWAIN driver from the DVDsupplied with this machine to a computer.

  1. Start the Windows system.

  2. Insert Driver & Utilities DVD into the DVD drive of a computer.

  3. Select [TWAIN driver] from [Install Scanner], and execute steps according to the on-screen instructions.

    Installation starts, and the required file is copied. After copying ends, the installation completion screen appears.

  4. Click [Finish].

    The installation is then completed.