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Header Information

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        • [Header Information]

Register the machine name, your company name (sender name) and the fax number that are to be printed as the sender information when faxes are sent. The sender information is automatically added to a fax to be sent from this machine.



[Sender Fax No.]

Enter the fax number of this machine (using up to 20 digits, including symbols #, *, +, and spaces).

The fax number you entered is printed as the sender information.

To register a new sender name, specify an unregistered number in the sender name list, and select [Edit].




Displays the registration number.

[Sender Name]

Enter the sender name (using up to 30 characters).

  • To edit or delete a registered sender name, specify the target sender name in the sender name list, then select [Edit] or [Delete].

  • Up to 20 sender names can be registered. You can use different names for different purposes depending on the destination. Select the default sender name in [Set as Default] of the sender name list.