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Overview of Serverless Pull Printing

Serverless pull printing is a function that enables execution of print jobs, which have been sent from the computer and stored in the MFP, by any MFP in a serverless pull printing group, which consists of multiple MFPs.

This function provides an association among multiple serverless pull printing groups, enabling you to print jobs stored in the MFP of another serverless pull printing group which this machine does not join.

Installing the serverless pull printing function provides the following benefits.

  • The size of the remaining print jobs can be reduced, thereby reducing printing costs and enhancing security.

  • No print server is required, which reduces equipment costs and administrator load.

  • Print jobs stored in a target MFP can be executed from another MFP, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Assign one of the following roles to each of the MFPs composing a serverless pull printing group as needed.



Topology machine

Used to associate multiple serverless pull printing groups with each other.

The topology machine sends information of the serverless pull printing group this machine joins to another serverless pull printing group and receives information from another serverless pull printing group while sharing information between serverless pull printing groups.

  • One serverless pull printing group must be assigned to one topology machine.

  • Up to 10 MFPs can be registered in a single serverless pull printing group, and up to 10 groups can be associated via the topology machine.

  • It takes approximately 20 seconds to complete information sharing between serverless pull printing groups via the topology machine.

  • When the storage or client machine in a serverless pull printing group remains turned off continuously for 150 hours, it is automatically removed from the configuration list of the serverless pull printing group controlled by the topology machine.

Storage machine

Used to save print jobs executed by the user, and to process the saved print jobs upon request from a client machine.

  • Up to 100 documents can be stored as print jobs on one storage machine for each user. In total, the storage capacity is 5 GB, and up to 10,000 documents can be stored on one storage machine.

  • Up to 30 storage machines can be registered in total for all serverless pull printing groups.

Client machine

Used to perform operations (display, printing, or deletion of a file list) for print jobs saved in the storage machine.

  • To use this function, an option is required. For details on the required option, refer to Here.