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Using the PC-Fax RX Function

PC-Fax RX is a function that automatically saves a received fax to the Compulsory Memory RX User Box or the User Box specified in F-Code (SUB Address). A stored fax job can be read from the User Box into a computer.

  1. Select [Fax Settings] - [Function Setting] - [RX Data Operation Settings] - [PC-Fax RX Setting] in administrator mode of Web Connection (or in [Utility] - [Administrator] of this machine), and click [OK].

  2. When multiple lines are used, select the line for which the PC-Fax RX function is set, and click [Edit].

    • When using a single line, proceed to step 3.

  3. In [PC-Fax RX Setting], configure the following settings.



    [PC-Fax RX Setting]

    Select [Allow] to use the PC-Fax RX function (default: [Restrict]).

    [Receiving User Box Destination]

    Select either [Memory RX User Box] or [Specified User Box] (a User Box specified in F-Code (SUB Address)) as the location to save received faxes (default: [Memory RX User Box]).


    When making prints on this machine after receiving a fax, set this option to ON (default: ON).

    [Password Check]

    To check the communication password (sender ID) when you select [Specified User Box] for [Receiving User Box Destination], set this option to ON (default: OFF).

    • [Communication Password]: Enter the communication password (using up to eight digits, including symbols # and *).

  • This function cannot be used together with the following functions.
    Memory RX, Forward TX, TSI Routing

  • When multiple lines are used, you can set this function for each line if [TX/RX Settings] - [Individual Receiving Line Setup] is set to ON.