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Using the Memory RX function

Memory RX is a function to save the received fax, Internet fax, IP address fax, or IP fax (SIP) in the Memory RX User Box of this machine without printing it. You can check the contents of incoming faxes and print only those you need to print, by which you can reduce the printing cost.

  1. Select [Fax Settings] - [Function Setting] - [RX Data Operation Settings] - [Memory RX Setting] in administrator mode of Web Connection (or in [Utility] - [Administrator] of this machine), and click [OK].

  2. When multiple lines are used, select the line for which the Memory RX function is set, and click [Edit].

    • When using a single line, proceed to step 3.

  3. In [Memory RX Setting], configure the following settings.



    [Memory RX User Box Password]

    Enter the password to restrict accesses to the Memory RX User Box (using up to 64 digits).

  • The Memory RX function cannot be used together with the following functions.
    TSI User Box, PC-Fax RX, Forward TX

  • When multiple lines are used, you can set this function for each line if [TX/RX Settings] - [Individual Receiving Line Setup] is set to ON.