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Main Screen of IP Fax (SIP)

If you tap [IP Fax (SIP)] on the home screen, the main screen of IP fax (SIP) is displayed.





Destination display area

Displays the specified destinations.

If two or more destinations are specified, the number of destinations is indicated by [+N] (N: number).

When you tap while the destination is specified, the destination list screen is displayed. You can check, edit, or delete the specified destinations.

You can tap [+] to directly enter destination information and add a new destination.


Display switch tab

Switches the destination specification method. The display of the destination specification area is switched depending on the selected tab.

  • Destination tab (): Specify the desired one from the list of destinations registered on this machine.

  • Search tab (): Search for the destination registered on this machine.

  • History tab (): Specify the desired one from the job history list.

  • Address registration key (): Allow you to register a destination in the address book on this machine.


Destination specification area

Specify the destination to suit the selected tab.


Menu icon ()

Allows you to change how to display the list of registered destinations in the destination specification area.

When [Change Permission for Default Value Setting] (Here) is set to ON, you can change the default option setting for sending to the desired one.

Notification icon ()

You can check warnings or messages related to the status of this machine.

For details, refer to Here.

Device information icon ()

Information icon ()


Function setting key

Specify transmission options as needed.



Scans the original, and starts transmission.


Stops scanning the original.


Returns the setting to the default.

Access key ()

Performs login or logout when user authentication or account track is installed on this machine.

Home key ()

Returns to the home screen.