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About IP Fax (SIP)

IP fax (SIP) is a function that enables the real-time sending/receiving via the intranet and Internet.

This function provides a low cost and low latency communication even when sending/receiving a fax to/from remote locations.

Using the SIP server allows you to specify and call the identifier (SIP-URI) instead of the destination's IP address.

The precautions for using the IP fax (SIP) function are as follows.

  • Fax data cannot be sent or received in color.

  • IP fax (SIP) is not available on the screen of classic style.

  • To use the IP fax (SIP) function, an option is required. For details on the required option, refer to Here.

  • To use the IP fax (SIP) function, ask your service representative to configure settings. For details, contact your service representative.