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Forwarding Received Faxes to Another Destination (Forward TX)

Forward TX

Forward TX transfers a received fax to a pre-specified destination.

Faxes can be forwarded to personal E-mail addresses or saved in a shared folder in a computer. Received faxes can be converted to files that can be handled by a computer, which saves printing costs.

  • If the forwarding destination is not a fax address, the received fax can be converted in the specified file format to be forwarded to a destination. The file types able to be specified are PDF, XPS, and TIFF.
    To specify other file types, ask your service representative to configure settings. For details, contact your service representative.

  • This function cannot be used together with the following functions.
    Memory RX, PC-Fax RX, TSI Routing

Preparation required to use this function (for the administrator)

Enable the Forward TX function. In conjunction with this, register forwarding destinations for received faxes.
To specify a destination, directly enter the fax number, or select the desired number of destinations registered on this machine. When selecting the desired number of destinations registered on this machine, you can specify the following forward destinations.

  • Fax

  • E-Mail Address

  • SMB

  • FTP

  • WebDAV

  • User Box

  • Internet Fax

  • IP Address Fax

  • IP Fax (SIP)

  • Group

For details on the setting procedure, refer to Here.